Technical Helpline

Monroe is committed to excellence in customer service and that's why it offers you Monroe's Technical Helpline.

With this facility, technical advice and assistance with any Monroe product is only a phone call away.

The Helpline provides advice and information on vehicle fitment, product range and applications.

Monroe Technical Helpline

To ensure you receive a speedy response please have the following information ready before you call:

  • make/model/year and build date
  • product name
  • product part number on carton
  • part number and date code stamped on product
  • parts package included
  • description of the problem

For Technical Help

Call 1800 088 205 - Australia

Call 0800 023 678 - New Zealand

Fax (08) 8374 3202


For Monroe Customer Service (Aust. and NZ)

Call (08) 8374 5281

Fax (08) 8374 3202