About Monroe

Hold on tight in 2012!

When it comes to Monroe being Australia’s leading shock absorbers, our 2012 marketing campaign is walking the walk. Our message is the forefront of technology when it comes to your control and safety… both in what we have to show you and how you’ll interact with it.

OZ & NZ safety specialist program!

Monroe’s national Safety Specialist Program kicks on again, broadening our dealer network through a direct marketing strategy across Australia and New Zealand. It’s driving force is a brochure crammed full of features and benefits, complete with a special driver’s incentive to attract even more Monroe dealers to our network.

Monroe Safety Specialist Program

Banner ads!

From auto enthusiasts and travellers through to caravan, boating and fishing nuts, we’re running digitally animated ads across your favourite websites. These ads spread the Monroe Specialist message and then click you through to find your nearest dealer in our national Monroe network.

Inset Image

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At home anywhere…

Here’s a sample of our series of striking 4WD print ads promoting our Gas Magnum TDT shockers in national driving magazines including Wheels, Motor, Australian 4WD and Unique Cars. Now this is where you’ll see Monroe really come to life for you…

Monroe TDT 4WD Advert

…Then Aurasma anywhere!

Calling all smartphone drivers! Scan one of our ‘AT HOME, ANYWHERE’ ads… and just watch what happens! This is Monroe marketing driving you into the future with some very cool augmented reality technology.

Monroe – Aurasma

How to Aurasma!

For all our Monroe fans who aren’t up to speed driving smartphones and apps and things, we’ve whipped a quick video together, to introduce you to this amazing and entertaining new technology. Just click on play… and away you go.

Street cars!

Heads up, Commodore and Ford fans! Here’s a taste of our targeted new magazine ads talking to hard core car fans who are right into street modified cars. It’s all about street performance and low profile with attitude and appeal to burn. Answer: Monroe GT Sport shockers.

Monroe Street Cars

eMonroe mail!

Hot on the heels of our digital Banner ad campaign, Monroe has adapted the graphics to create an email campaign, staying in close touch with our network and customer base, and keeping everyone up to speed.

Monroe Email

Have a great year

Throw some Monroe Shockers on and jump on board. 2012 is going to be one hell of a ride! See you out there.