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Monroe Australia’s top selling four wheel drive replacement shock absorbers, the Monroe Gas Magnum TDT 4x4 range, has expanded to now include part numbers specifically engineered for up to 50mm raised height four wheel drive applications.

Australia’s market leading shock absorber brand has designed, tested and manufactured this new Gas Magnum TDT 4x4 shock absorber range here in Australia to meet and exceed demanding local four wheel driving conditions.

This expanded Monroe shock absorber range for raised 4WDs has been specifically engineered to work with aftermarket brand raised height springs that are fitted to the legal limit for the vehicle, or to the limit of the vehicle’s suspension design, without the need for extensive re-engineering. Where possible, the shock absorbers have increased length within the operating limits of brake lines, ball joints, CV joints and steering components.

Each part number has been individually developed to match the aftermarket springs that can be fitted to each vehicle. This detailed development process saw Monroe Australia’s engineers spending weeks test driving each 4x4 application to best tune the suspension. This enabled Monroe to deliver the highest quality replacement shock absorber that combines on and off road capability with impressive levels of highway ride comfort. Before leaving Monroe Australia’s manufacturing plant, every Monroe Gas Magnum TDT 4x4 shock absorber is individually performance tested to ensure it meets specifications.

The Monroe Gas Magnum TDT 4x4 shock absorber has three key attributes; the physical size, the valving technology and the premium quality of its components. These are purpose designed double-acting twin tube shock absorbers that function by moving oil through separate compression and rebound valves that can be tuned independently.

The engineering enhancements include a 35mm bore, a 16mm superior hard chromed piston rod and more oil which ensures that these shock absorbers are able to radiate heat faster than many Original Equipment shock absorbers. This translates directly to more consistent and durable performance in tough driving conditions.

Monroe’s exclusive twin disc valving technology and multi-stage high displacement valving design adds a stage to the valving operation that enables the shock absorber to provide sharper vehicle handling without compromising comfort.

Combined with Monroe’s Teflon band, multi-lip seal, rod guide bearing, along with oil and nitrogen gas pressurisation, these engineering enhancements ensure that Monroe Gas Magnum TDT 4x4 four wheel drive shock absorbers are built tough. They also ensure that these aftermarket shock absorbers are able to produce maximum damping response under all four wheel drive applications, with minimal fading during harsh four wheel driving conditions. Monroe’s Australian manufacturing quality is also supported by a three year or 60,000 kilometre warranty.

The new Monroe Gas Magnum TDT 4x4 variable load and constant load part numbers are suitable for daily driver use while still offering safer handling at full loads, or for tradespeople who have a lot of permanent weight added to their vehicles.

The initial Monroe Gas Magnum TDT 4x4 raised height aftermarket shock absorber range consists of 24 part numbers covering some 34 popular raised four wheel drive applications.