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Ford Ranger owner, Simon Leonow, took the step of contacting Monroe Australia to outline his satisfaction with a replacement set of Monroe Gas Magnum TDT 4X4 shock absorbers. Up until making the decision to replace his shock absorbers on this vehicle, Simon had never replaced the shock absorbers in any of his cars across some 29 years of motoring. He had assumed to this point that replacing the Original Equipment shock absorbers wouldn’t make any significant difference.

pic news Simon SaysAfflicted with chronic back pain, Simon started to feel every dip and bump on a standard bitumen road, making dirt or off road driving particularly unpleasant.

“I drove 60,000 kilometres in a new Ford Ranger Wildtrack with some occasional off road driving, but given my situation I was looking for a solution, varying from just updating my whole car to replacing all of the suspension and fitting a Recaro airbag seat. All of this was to try and achieve a more comfortable ride during my daily drive to and from work, but also when four wheel driving in the Flinders Ranges, beach four wheel driving with the family, and during the regular towing of a jetski, XL motorbike trailer, box trailer or two tonne ski boat,” Simon said.

Before making all of the other considered changes, Simon took the advice of a trade professional and replaced his shock absorbers with a set of Monroe Gas Magnum TDT 4x4 shock absorbers as the first step towards solving his problem.

“I was absolutely gob-smacked at the difference it made when I changed the shock absorbers to the Monroe Gas Magnum TDT 4x4’s. My first four wheel drive across some 50 kilometres of sandy beach woops was no longer a jarring and painful ride. The Monroe Gas Magnum TDT’s just soaked it up and smoothed out everything. I got out regularly and just stood up, no more hunching over and slowly straightening up after a big, painful drive. My Ford Ranger performed equally impressively across some worn out dirt tracks and corrugated roads. It was totally different, the car had been transformed!”, Simon stated.

Simon also makes the point that had he made all of the changes that had been recommended to him by friends, aside from replacing his shock absorbers with Monroe Gas Magnum TDT 4x4’s, he would have spent thousands of dollars unnecessarily.

“I got so many conflicting suggestions from people to solve my issue and after getting simple practical advice from one installer, I just thought I will start with upgrading the shock absorbers and go from there. I honestly can’t thank Monroe enough. I was a sceptic and thought that fitting these shock absorbers would just be stronger versions of factory shock absorbers with the same or maybe even a worse ride. My experience has been totally the opposite,” Simon added.

“It wasn’t a big investment and I am sure that anyone would clearly notice the improvement the first time they go off road, drive on a worn road or when towing something heavy. I just wish that I had done this a long time ago,” Simon said.