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Monroe Australia’s premium quality Magnum range of heavy duty truck and trailer shock absorbers has received a major vote of approval from a major independent transport company.

Sunshine Coast based Mansell Bulk Haulage, along with Neil Mansell Concrete, specialise in bulk haulage and mobile concrete batch plant operations across the country, supplying reliable and value for money services to the construction sector.

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The company selected Monroe Magnum heavy duty shock absorbers to be fitted to a number of trucks and trailers in the Mansell Bulk Haulage fleet for a performance trial that commenced in early 2016.

According to Mansell Bulk Haulage Maintenance Manager John Beutel, the Monroe Magnum truck and trailer shock absorbers have performed beyond his expectations.

“The Monroe Magnum shock absorbers have performed very well on both our trucks and trailers. We covered an enormous amount of extreme heavy load mileage across the past year and we have not had an issue with our new Monroe Magnum shock absorbers throughout this trial,“ Mr Beutel stated.

“Also, Since we replaced our truck and trailer shocks with Monroe Magnum product, we haven’t had a single worn mounting bush - in fact they still look like new after more than 12 months of rigorous daily heavy duty concrete haulage,” He added.

Aside from the lack of suspension mount bush wear, Mansell Bulk Haulage drivers as well as the company’s maintenance team have reported no issues whatsoever with the fitment, driving performance and trailer stability with the use of Monroe Magnum heavy duty replacement shock absorbers. In fact, the drivers have noticed a significant improvement.

“No one understands better than our drivers when replacements of important components such as suspension products do the job or not. Our feedback from them has been 100% positive during our trial of the Monroe Magnum heavy duty shock absorbers,” Mr Beutel said.

“Improvements in braking and steering response, heavy load handling - specifically with the trailer shock absorbers, along with driver comfort and subsequent reduced fatigue have all been cited as areas of significant improvement, when compared to the former ride performance components on these vehicles and trailers in our fleet,” Mr Beutel added.

Mansell Bulk Haulage fitted the Monroe Magnum part number F5004 (BPW Short) shock absorbers on their York Suspension System trailers, along with assorted Monroe Magnum part numbers for their Neway HAS 400 Drivers.

The Monroe Magnum heavy duty range covers the key sectors of truck suspension requirements including cabin dampers, seat dampers, axle shock systems and trailer shock absorbers. The Monroe Magnum range provides world class leading quality through durable suspension performance, followed up by Australian sales support that is second to none in the market.

Monroe Magnum ride performance product advantages include ease of fitment with single bonded bushings that ensure very high bushing durability, along with a high temperature resistant sealing system including the use of high temperature resistant hydraulic fluid. The Monroe Magnum specially formulated semi-synthetic fluid improves damping behaviour through more consistent damping over a wide temperature range.

To find out more contact the Monroe Australia customer service team on 1800 088 205.