Learn about suspension and ride control and take the Monroe GUS test

The market for shocks and struts is growing, with great potential for increased profits on every sale. But too often, customers are not even aware why they need shocks or struts or which ones are suitable for their needs. It's up to you to assist them in making informed decisions.

The Monroe GUS guide

The Guide to Understanding Suspension and Ride Control is used first as a training tool to help further your knowledge of Monroe shock absorbers and second as a reference manual when you or your customers have questions relating to shocks and struts. By using the information in the GUS guide in conjunction with the current Monroe catalogue, you can effectively contribute to your store's growth and success, as well as your own.

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Monroe GUS certificate

Pass the Monroe GUS test and we'll send you your own personalised certificate!

The GUS test is designed to help people within the automotive industry enhance their learning on technical and product knowledge within this field. We recommend that you review the GUS guide from cover to cover before embarking on the test. Information is presented on a set of topics with review questions within each topic.

To take the GUS test, simply click the link below. Once started, you'll have 60 minutes to complete the test. You may skip questions and return to them later. You may also review and change your answers within the 60 minute limit. Each question has a link to the relevant information in the GUS guide.

Once you've completed and passed the test, you'll be redirected to our certificate registration form where you can submit your details. We'll print and mail a hard copy of your Certificate of Completion to the address you provided, ready for framing and taking pride of place!

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